3 Top Home Improvement Strategies

Home Improvement entails improving your home’s features to increase its aesthetic and economic value. Today, many homeowners are more interested in creating strategic improvements on their homes to take good advantage of the existing space as well boost the functionality and efficiency. Homeowners feel that they need access to established home improvements strategies which can actually enhance their living space. This article will highlight 3 top home improvements strategies that will ensure your home is transformed from good to perfect with lightning speed:

Best Home Improvement Strategies

1.Solar Power

Studies have shown that installing solar power system on the house’s roof can enhance your home’s value. Solar is a great investment you might make in the home as it can increase the value of your home by $24,000. The costs of buying and installing a solar panel system are less than $15,000, meaning that after selling the home you can recover your costs and still remain with some good profits. Living in a solar-powered home can help decrease or even completely eliminate electricity bill. Solar panels may protect you from the ever rising utility rates for more than 25 years that they generate power. Moreover, solar decreases your effect on the environment through producing emissions-free electricity for the home.


A bathroom needs to have fixtures, materials, and amenities with great value and provide high comfort for the user. A midrange bathroom improvement is a good investment as although it can cost $26,000, you can recover around 60% of those expenses when you finally sell the home. To make good use of the space available, it is important to have tubs and glass door on baths. A pedestal sinks may use less space than a vanity. Locating new fixtures near existing sanitation pipes can help you save reconstruction costs. Radiant heat floors and multiple shower heads are great features to add to bathroom improvements. Bathroom ventilation is vital for getting rid of excess humidity that makes the floor slippery, fogs mirrors and causes the growth of mold and mildew. Mold remediation is costly and excess humidity may damage painted finishes and cabinets.


Open kitchens have gained popularity in this modern times. The hottest trend in home improvements is removing the wall between the kitchen and the living room. This strategy appeals to most homeowners as it immediately creates more room and vividly changes the feel and look of their homes. Creating open kitchens helps make smaller houses look bigger. The kitchen is not only seen as a room for cooking but also for schoolwork, socializing and eating. The attractiveness of open kitchens has generated a new flooring style: hardwood floor. Many people are installing hardwood floors rather than tile in their kitchens. Most people have already installed hardwood floors in their living rooms and hence they want to achieve the same continuity in their kitchens once they open up the wall from the sitting room. Despite the fact that hardwood floors are expensive to install compared to the other flooring options, they are durable and offers a comfy, timeless feel and look that never gets out-of-date.